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Rosa Bus


Lifetime value, Longer Life

Lifetime value. Lower cost of operation is one important element. Another is longer vehicle life, so the profits keep rolling in. So, besides being fuel-efficient, our buses require less frequent maintenance.

Confortable and easier to drive and maintain, they reduce driver fatigue, making them safer as well. Built rugged and durable, they are backed by service and second to none.


Performance, utility, longevity: Mitsubishi engines have it all. Smooth-shifting transmissions entrance fuel economy.

Design and Drivability

Aerodynamic contours increase fuel efficiency. Drivability and comfort keep divers fresh and alert.

Service and Support

Easier, less frequent maintenance plus outstanding service and sort mean more time on the road.

Download the specifications (pdf)

Durable, economical engine

  • 4D33-4A engine
  • Piston displacement 4 214L
  • Max output 96kw
  • Max torque 304 n-m / 1800 rpm

Cleaner, more complete burning increases fuel efficiency. Durability and reliability increase lifetime value.

Greater comfort, greater economy

Radial tires both comfort and economy


Compelling Comfort and Convenience

High roof and confortable seats

Driver and passengers enjoy the feeling of greater space.

Optimal cooling and ventilation

Air circulation is optimized for the spacious interior. Operation is easy.

Forward-looking, easier too

The flat passenger deck improves forward visibility and, combined with the passenger door positioned behind the driver’s seat, enhances ease of entry and exit.

All about the driver

Ergonomic cockpit design improves drivability and driving safety.

More visible, readable meters

Fatigue-reducing seat

The ergonomically designed seat helps the driver stay fresh and alert on long trips.

The logical design of the instrument panel makes information easily available

Power steering

For lighter, more nimble handing

Tilt able steering wheel

Adjustable to the driver’s perfect angle.

Safer passenger door position

The passenger door closer to the driver’s seat simplifies monitoring of passengers boarding and leaving the bus.