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FK / FM product concept

Mitsubishi Fuso engineers designed the new FK / FM with drivers – and managers – in mind.
They effectively combined driving comfort, convenience, safety and performance with economic factors like fuel efficiency, reliability and cost of ownership. In other words, they created a perfect balance with a focus on built-in quality.
The Perfect Balance concept focuses on integrating state-of-the-art technologies and engineering expertise to achieve the best possible combination of driver’s and owner’s needs.
Describing FK/FM as the exceptionally strong and dependable partner throughout a long work life.

Download the specifications (pdf)

Durable, economical engine

  • 6D16-1A engine
  • Piston displacement 4214L
  • Max output 140kw
  • Max torque 520 n-m / 1400 rpm

Performance, efficiency, reliability

The power you need to handle a wide range of cargo applications. From fuel-efficient six-cylinder engines with torque optimized to improve handling and lower costs.

Power delivered through smooth-shifting six-speed transmissions. Both built with the quality and reliability for which Mitsubishi FUSO is famous Lifetime Value, Longer Life Solid investment with long-term value.

Powered for profit

These are engines to count on, with a solid reputation proven on roads worldwide. Their rugged reliability will keep your trucks on the road. Their versatility is second to none.

And maintenance is easy when required performance, efficiency, reliability

Service and Support

Easier, less frequent maintenance plus outstanding service mean more time on the road.

Comfort and convenience for greater safety

Is this a truck, or a passenger car? It’s a truck with the comfort and amenities you expect from a passenger car. Why? Because a driver who can comfortably see more of the road around him and remains fresher and more alert can drive more safely. Ensuring delivery, which is better for business.


Simple is best for trucks driving profit

Easy access makes maintenance simpler Just press to open. This front panel provides easy access to the windshield wiper fluid and clutch fluid ports, wiper motor and links, air filter, and radiator reservoir tank. Routine maintenance has never been simpler.

Tiltable cab

The cab tilts forward, providing easy access to engine and power train. Rust-resistant electroplated undercoating The electroplated undercoating resists rust and keeps this cab looking beautiful.

Note these important details

Rugged and easy to customize Build to last, this tough, durable chassis is built with no protruding parts to simplify installing the body of your choice.

Easy in, easy out

With the features listed above, comfort begins before sitting down.

Panoramic visibility

The big, broad windshield and carefully designed mirror make it easy for the driver to see what is happening around him.



Fighter FK 7,5T 4x2

Download the specifications (pdf)


Fighter FM 10,8T 4x2

Download the specifications (pdf)